Define your goals
  • Type of course
  • Exam, Diploma
  • Possible dates
  • Travel
  • Budget
Define the parameters for your choice of destination
  • Geographic position, climate, culture
  • Big city or smaller town, by the sea or not
  • Leisure and sporting opportunities in the region
  • Public transport
  • Visa regulations
Points to consider when choosing a school
  • Recognised school
  • Range of courses available
  • Levels available
  • Types of accommodation available
  • Examination courses & dates
  • Size of the school
  • Class-size
  • Age range of the students
  • Leisure activities available
Points to consider when choosing an agent
  • Independent Counselling & Organisation
  • Agent must have direct contact with the school
  • Years of experience
  • Knows the schools personally
  • Information clearly presented
  • Refers to each school by name and can give details
  • Personal support
  • Gives prices in the original currency
  • Organises a complete package
  • Begin to plan your stay as early as possible
  • Fix an appointment for personal counselling
  • Compare offers
  • Who has made what experiences?
Comparing offers
  • Is the name of the school mentioned?
  • Are the number and length of lessons clear?
  • Is the information concerning accommodation correct?
  • Which rate of exchange is used?
  • What extra costs will be charged (eg dossier fee?
  • How comprehensible or detailed is the offer?